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French Polynesia Tourist Attractions are mainly Tahiti, French Polynesia is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is mainly an island. The traditions there are very similar to those of France. It is a country of more than 100 islands. It is located in the Oceania region. Oceania is the sum of all the islands in the middle and south of the Pacific Ocean. The total area of ​​French Polynesia is approximately 2007 km because it is an island. When the volume will be more and when it will not be less. The total population is 259,596 (according to the 2006 census). Bora Bora is located in the mid-south Pacific Ocean, about 165 miles northwest of Tahiti. It has a population of about 833.33 people per square mile.
Bora Bora has been named after the burn, and the largest island in the Leeward Islands was believed to have been built after the ricotta. Settlers have been living there since the 4th century. Most of the good people there have been supported by working in the tourism industry. The primary economic driver of the island is the tourism industry. The first hotel was opened there in 1961. Most of the hotels there are built on water. The sum of many small islands here in Bora Bora. These islands surround the lagoon.

French Polynesia more Attractions:

French Polynesia tourist attractions a number of islands, most notably Bora Bora, Tahiti, Matira Beach, Belvedere Lookout, Aremitti, Fautua Falls, Mount Otemanu, Point Venus, Mara Grotto, etc. Vaitape is the main village of Bora Bora. The administrative center and located there. Half of the island’s population lives in Vaitape. It is home to about 4,927 people and is considered to be the second-largest village in the area. About 2962 ​​people live here. After that it is Anu and the location is about 1983 people living here in terms of population. As of 2022, a total of 280,900 people live on Bora Bora Island.

The top attractions in French Polynesia are:

  1. Matira Beach
  2. Belvedere Lookout
  3. Aremitti
  4. Fautua Falls
  5. Mount Otemanu
  6. Point Venus
  7. Mara Groto

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