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We will try to introduce you to Bora Bora tourist attractions through this blog. Let’s get started, Wondering what Bora Bora can be an interesting place for. After reading our blog, you will understand why Bora Bora is interesting. So let’s get started, It is an island in the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia. Bora Bora is mainly interesting for Tahiti. Follow our blog about Tahiti. There are many who do not know where French Polynesia is located. French Polynesia is a French island. French Polynesia is a fascinating place to visit, including Bora Bora, Tahiti, Matira Beach, Blue Haven Island Mountain Point, and more. The island is also famous for its amazing hotels, there are cabins on the water. There are many small lamps here.
The highest mountain on the island is Mount Otmanu. It is a mountain surrounded by natural green trees. In summer all the vegetation is surrounded by green beauty and rich mountain scenery.

It is a long-standing volcano and a special part. Maintain normal distance from special observer volcanoes. It is one of the most interesting places on the island in terms of climate because the weather is perfect for most of the year. In the summer the island becomes naturally formed. Temperatures remain moderate even in winter. In winter it ranges from 28 in the daytime to 31 centigrade in the warmer months. And the night temperature is between 22-24 centigrade.

Bora Bora Attractions:

Our personal favorites were included from the Bora Bora Tour as well as the Bora Bora attractions. Below are 10 Bora Bora attractions described in blog form.

Mt Otemanu:

Mount Otemanu is one of the tourist attractions of Bora Bora. The island is home to a typical ancient volcano, located on Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia in the center of the South Pacific Ocean. The highest point of the island rises from the surface of the blue lake to a sharp point of 727 meters (2385 feet). The French Polynesian islands are a popular place for photography. Here is a combination of amazing tax scenes. Most people call this place heaven.
The island was chosen as a base for the United States during World War II. But there has never been a war here. Lately, many tourists have come to this island. There is a circular temple of ancient times. The locals say that the king’s spirit lives there. The most interesting places for photography here are to take pictures in the mountains, and the best time of day to take pictures of the mountains is sunrise and sunset. People have been living there for many years. The mountains are now slowly being destroyed. In the hills, there are corpses of ancient kings.

Lagoon tours:

If you do not travel to Lagoon on the Bora Bora tour, you will not be able to enjoy the complete natural beauty. There are many attractions in Bora Bora and these lagoon tourist places. On the Lagoon Tour, you will be able to travel by boat, you will be able to swim there. The camera brings you the highlights of your travels as a memento through photography.
There are many luxury hotels and restaurants, they will guide you from the hotel. There you can take your family with you. Able to luxury. There will be memories of boat trips and swimming times

Motu Picnics:

First of all thanks for visiting the tourist field. If you are planning a Bora Bora trip then you have definitely made the right decision. Because it is a combination of many beautiful and natural beauties for travel. There are many ancient volcanoes, the ruins of the high mountains, the temples of the ancient kings, and so on. Many have compared this place to heaven. This place is great for photography. The traditional food here is Tahitian food. Tahitian fish salad with coconut is a popular dish there. There are many kinds of fruits in summer. Another interesting place to visit right now is Tahiti. Visit our Tahiti Tour to learn about Tahiti. Now the whole consideration is yours. Our personal opinion is that you can travel to Bora Bora and visit all the interesting places. You will be much happier traveling.

Wedding locations:

If you are wondering what this place is like for a wedding then we would suggest this is a great place to complete a wedding. There are also some resorts that have been created just for special occasions like weddings and honeymoons. According to popular opinion, survival in this place is considered equal to heaven. If your marriage is in a place like heaven, then it is better. This place has amazing people all over the world with its beauty. There are some official rules of marriage in French Polynesia. Marriage requires legal documents such as ID, birth certificate, and other official documents, but once they are put together, you can relax and enjoy your destination wedding. Here you can have a traditional wedding, usually, there is a choice of French Polynesian wedding. It will depend entirely on you.
Bora Bora has many wedding resorts that offer complete wedding packages depending on you. These wedding venues usually include flowers, ceremonies, and catering. More than that, the wedding package is made based on what you need. Below are a few wedding resorts and names for your convenience.

  • Pure Polynesia
  • Bora Bora Pearl Honeymoon
  • Bora Bora Le Moana Honeymoon
  • Three Island Discovery
  • Lagoons and Pink Sands
  • Lovely Lagoons
  • Three Island Honeymoon Allure

Coral gardens:

Coral gardens is usually a resort located east of Bora Bora Island. The Coral Gardens resort is affectionately named “Legunarium”. You can visit the entire resort by boat. Special Note: To protect yourself from shark and sting ray attacks, you need to keep the necessary equipment with you. Otherwise, sharks can attack you at any time. A visit to this resort will give you an idea of ​​what life is like at sea. There are many luxury hotels here. Many go there for their honeymoon and many go there to get married. This resort is one of the places for weddings

Cabins on turquoise water:

Bora Bora is an island in the Pacific Ocean. There are many small resorts on the island. One of them is Cabins on turquoise water. It is one of the most attractive resorts in terms of beauty. This is considered to be the best beach in the world. The resort and the environment are very calm, pure white sand and clear water really attract the tourists. This is the best beach soil on Bora Bora Island.

Photography tours:

Bora Bora tourist attractions are photographed to capture memory. As if you can come home at the end of the tour and enjoy all those attractions. There you can take the camera and not take it again but there is no problem because there are many high-class photography services. You can hire them. Your photographs can be boat trips, laguna tours, various resorts, ancient volcanic areas, ancient temples, cliffs, etc. In this place you can go with your family for your honeymoon again, you can go with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Photography is the best way to capture unforgettable memories. It is best to keep a camera with you.

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